Nostalgia filled the warm air and as it brushed past my face, my thoughts were overcrowded with the memories of the past.

Now, as i sit on my front veranda, i see the virgin hue of sunshine hit my feet in its narrow beam of rays. Rocking on my arm chair, my mind rushed back to those days of summer. Those days of my youth. Full of enthusiasm and zest. Life had much to unfold then. Opportunities lay at my feet. I was known for my valour and charm. Confidence was my forever companion.

My capabilities aroused me to a position where start ups looked up at me with awe. Enemies asked if i was hiring. I indeed were on the cloud 9. However, fate showed itself as a weather of betrayal and sent me shipwreaked. Soon i was ripped of all the valour and abilities that were my signature and shadow. Some mean creatures ruined my personal and proffessional life. Trust showed its darker face. Tried my best to live back my initial life. However, luck had turned its back on me. Time was and is the only ascet. Time did heal the wounds but it was too late as my hair had turned grey. Youth waved goodbye as i stood on the threshold of old age.

And now, as i sit here with autumn in the air and the sordid, bleak winter pressing its way through, my life too draws to a point were all the essence is freezing and it feels cold. My thin grey hair must be telling you my condition- both physical and mental.

As i resign from life today, my heart is filled with hope and only hope for a better journey thence.

Goodbye, farewell and adieu does not end the story. Until my heart feels satisfied, contented and happy, the story will not end.

A comeback is always better than a setback.